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What's Next

What will you learn in this lesson?

  1. An approach to making a career decision.

Once you have completed the 5 quizzes you are finished this course.

Now you need to ask yourself this important question: Am I interested in pursuing the next steps to becoming a bus operator?

Lesson Activities

  1. Are you having trouble deciding? Use the decision triangle (PDF File) to help clarify your thinking. As you ask yourself the questions on the triangle, jot down the things that come to mind. Your thoughts will help you achieve a decision.

If your answer is YES you need to decide:

  1. Which of the 5 sectors of bus operation am I interested in?
  2. How can I become licensed?
  3. Where can I take training to become licensed?
  4. Which employers will I approach for specialized training?

Check out what these bus operators have to say at http://www.driveabus.ca/. You can also find out more about the industry by clicking on the tab About MCPCC on the same page.


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