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So you want to become a bus operator...

What will you learn in this lesson?

  1. The essential requirements for becoming a certified professional bus operator.
  2. The career prospects for becoming a professional bus operator.
  3. The duties, responsibilities, and required qualifications for this job.

Changing Jobs?

Hi! My name is Kim. Lately I've been thinking of a change of job. When I look around, driving a bus seems like it might be a good option for me. As it happens, last night I was talking with a friend of a friend, who drives one of the local transit buses. He said to me: "I've been in this occupation for a good number of years now.  I've driven school buses, coaches and now I'm driving urban. It's been a good career for me. I like the transit scene though because I have regular hours and I have benefits. I also like working with people, so this is pretty good for me." It got me thinking. So I asked him if I could shadow him. He said that he'd make arrangements with his boss. So come with me as I start my explorations with Jim. (Note: "shadowing" is not permitted in the "real" world; but is used here to let you "see" what the occupation is really like).

Lesson Activities

In this lesson, you will:

  1. Think about your skills by completing a Checking Myself checklist.
  2. Complete the first quiz.

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