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Accessible Services Quiz

Quiz 6

Choose the best answer for the following multiple choice questions. Your answers will be marked electronically and results will be provided to you after you complete the quiz. You may print a copy of your results.


Which of the following statements is true of Accessible Services?


a) Operators drive different routes each day, using a pre-printed “paddle”
b) Operators have to plan their own route to ensure door-to-door service that meets the timelines
c) Operators are not given a daily trip sheet that will include a list of pick-ups, addresses and times


The Accessible Services sector has the unique responsibility of providing its passengers with door-to-door service.


a) Yes
b) Maybe
c) No


Which is not true of an organization’s policies and procedures manual?


a) Provides both technical and functional information about e.g. mobility aids
b) Provides the ability to recognize hazards to the safe usage of mobility aides and devices e.g. degree of ramp slope, condition of sidewalk, weather, etc.
c) Provides information about mobility device handling techniques


In addition to mobility disabilities many operators transport passengers with  mobility and other medical conditions.


a) Maybe
b) False
c) True


Who is responsible to “safety secure” passengers in the vehicle?


a) The passenger
b) The Accessible Services Bus Operator
c) The passenger’s attendant


Operator responsibility ends once the passenger


a) Exits the vehicle
b) Has entered their home
c) Arrives at their front door


Because of the special needs of their clients, Operators


a) Do not operate under the same pressure as other bus sectors to keep a schedule
b) Sometimes do not change lanes and turn corners smoothly
c) Sometimes avoid extra following distances


Which is the incorrect statement?


a) A variety of vehicle formats are used in the Accessible Services sector.
b) Knowledge of a variety of backing-up techniques is an important skill.
c) There is one standard technique for backing up an Accessible Services vehicle.


Which is the correct statement? Accessible Services Operators must


a) Allow Attendants to secure passengers and wheelchairs with straps, seat belts, etc.
b) Allow Attendants to operate ramps.
c) Operate lifts.


Which is the true statement?


a) Human rights legislation is subordinated to necessary medical protocols.
b) Operators must constantly monitor passenger safety and security.
c) Operators must “see the medical disability first and the person second”.


Written Answer Question.


Now that you have an idea of the work setting for each of the 5 sectors (urban, school bus, intercity, tour, and accessible services) discuss which one might appeal to you most as a career option. Your response should be no more than 200 words.

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