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Quiz 5

Choose the best answer for the following multiple choice questions. Your answers will be marked electronically and results will be provided to you after you complete the quiz. You may print a copy of your results.


Bus operators complete the pre-trip report


a) When a bus is getting old.
b) Before they take a bus out on a run.
c) The first time they take a bus out on a run.


A passenger collapses while on a bus. An operator must complete the ______report


a) Accident
b) Incident
c) Trip


Records of time worked are recorded using the


a) Trip report
b) Time sheet
c) Logbook


A school bus operator who is having trouble with a student may file


a) A trip report
b) A misconduct report
c) An incident report


It is important to write accurate reports because


a) Supervisors need to be well informed
b) Reports can be used in court
c) Transit companies need records


Bus operators who encounter passenger emergencies need to


a) Complete reports
b) Act swiftly and decisively
c) All answers are applicable


The most important thing a bus operator needs to remember when encountering life threatening emergencies is


a) Safety
b) Company policy
c) The schedule


Accessible service operators have the highest likelihood of dealing with life threatening circumstances


a) No
b) Maybe
c) Yes


What should a bus operator do if the bus fails mechanically?


a) Evacuate passengers
b) Set up emergency equipment
c) Call 911


A bus operator encounters a serious environmental hazard. What should be done?


a) Calm passengers
b) Report the hazard immediately
c) Set up emergency equipment


In the event of a fire, a bus operator must


a) Discharge fire extinguishing equipment
b) Evacuate passengers
c) Evacuate passengers and discharge fire extinguishing equipment


Intercity Coach operators always have immediate support during emergencies


a) False
b) True
c) N/A


Which bus operators may need to process passenger documentation?


a) Tour and urban transit operators
b) Intercity and tour operators
c) Intercity and accessible services


Which operators spend the most time on customer relations?


a) Tour and school bus operators
b) Urban and school bus operators
c) All bus operators are focused on customer relations


Written Answer Question.


In your opinion, what are some of the qualities an individual needs to possess in order to perform the work of a professional bus operator? Your response should be no more than 200 words.

Please note you may only submit this quiz once.

Part 5: Accessible Services