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On the Long Haul

Quiz 4

Choose the best answer for the following multiple choice questions. Your answers will be marked electronically and results will be provided to you after you complete the quiz. You may print a copy of your results.


What happens during bad weather conditions?


a) Operators must maintain the route.
b) Operators must maintain the schedule.
c) Operators must maintain safety


Urban bus operators may need an extra bus to take over a route


a) During regular service.
b) During the night time.
c) During bad weather and road conditions.


Bus operators must run on schedule


a) No
b) Yes
c) N/A


An operator communicates with the dispatcher using


a) Both 2-way radio and reports
b) reports
c) 2-way radio


An operator communicates with other drivers using


a) 2-way radio
b) reports
c) telephone


Who is not part of a bus operators immediate team?


a) Other drivers
b) Maintenance personnel
c) Travel agents


A passenger who is drunk gets on the bus and sits down. You have given this person a ride before. What do you do?


a) Tell him to get off.
b) Report the incident.
c) Ignore the behaviour.


A driver behind you keeps honking the horn and then speeds around you and cuts you off almost causing an accident. What do you do?


a) Get the licence and report.
b) Call 911 and get help.
c) Ignore the incident.


It's late at night and you're in an area that is known for being rough; a customer gets on and points a knife at you. What do you do?


a) Call 911 and get help.
b) Try to diffuse the customer.
c) Ignore the incident.


You are dealing with an unsafe situation. The first thing you do is


a) Assess the situation.
b) Take action.
c) Determine the action to take.


A couple of youth are standing by the exit door and yelling out the window at passers by. What do you do?


a) State the rules.
b) Diffuse the situation.
c) Ignore the incident.


Which of the following is an appropriate action to take during a problem situation?


a) State the rules and guidelines.
b) Get emotionally involved.
c) Lecture the person on their behaviour.


How does a bus operator know what to do during a public emergency?


a) Common sense.
b) Company policy.
c) Government policy.


When using a broken record approach, an operator will make a request


a) 2 times
b) 4 times
c) 3 times


Written Answer Question.


Using no more than 200 words tell how you usually respond to difficult situations.

Please note you may only submit this quiz once.

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