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On the Urban Route

Quiz 2

Choose the best answer for the following multiple choice questions. Your answers will be marked electronically and results will be provided to you after you complete the quiz. You may print a copy of your results.


To start a shift a bus operator makes contact with


a) A mechanic.
b) A dispatcher.
c) A supervisor.


A bus operator needs to review


a) The company bulletin board.
b) The bus maintenance reports.
c) The weather reports.


A paddle card


a) Describes a specific location along a route.
b) Describes a bus route.
c) Describes a bus maintenance record.


A dispatcher is responsible for


a) Operator assignments.
b) Operator reports.
c) Operator timesheets.


A farebox is


a) A mechanical or electronic system for collecting fares.
b) A place for bus tickets.
c) A place to buy tickets.


A vehicle defect card


a) Is filled out by a dispatcher.
b) Is filled out by a bus operator.
c) Is filled out by maintenance.


A spill kit is used to


a) Clean up spills.
b) Clean up routine spills.
c) Clean up hazardous spills.


Conducting a bus pre-trip inspection is required by


a) Supervisors.
b) Law
c) Maintenance.


How do bus operators learn safe driving manoeuvres?


a) Good drivers are born; no amount of training helps.
b) By taking company training and by practising.
c) By having a good attitude.


The five fundamentals of defensive driving are


a) Think and look ahead; anticipate hazards; keep options open; manage risk; control with finesse.
b) Think and look ahead; anticipate hazards; keep options open; manage risk; brake intelligently.
c) Think and look ahead; anticipate hazards; keep options open; choose safe speeds; control with finesse.


To end a shift an operator must


a) Conduct a post-trip inspection; report issues; check with the dispatcher.
b) Conduct a post-trip inspection and check in with the supervisor.
c) Conduct a pre-trip inspection.


Which is the most important for a bus operator?


a) Schedule and safety are equally important
b) Safety
c) Schedule


Think and look ahead means to


a) Calculate following distances.
b) Take in the whole scene.
c) Pass safely.


Defensive driving means to


a) Take the right-of-way.
b) Prevent collisions regardless of other drivers.
c) Obey all signs and signals.


Written Answer Question.


Using the sentence lead write at least 200, but no more than 225, words on: I feel I am a responsible driver because I …

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Part 2: On the School Bus