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Quiz 1

Choose the best answer for the following multiple choice questions. Your answers will be marked electronically and results will be provided to you after you complete the quiz. You may print a copy of your results.


Urban transit buses operate


a) On set routes with set schedules.
b) On set routes with door-to-door service.
c) On varying routes with set schedules.


Bus operators in Canada usually


a) Take government training.
b) Take Community College Training
c) Take company training.


Accessible Services means providing


a) Transport for people who use wheelchairs.
b) Transport for people with specific mobility needs.
c) Transport for people needing charter services.


The most important skill for bus operators is


a) Effective documentation
b) Customer service skills.
c) Mechanical skills.


Bus operators are usually paid


a) Per shift.
b) Rate & time frame set by local company policy/agreement
c) By the hour.


An Urban Transit operator needs


a) Strong interpersonal skills.
b) Both sound judgement and strong interpersonal skills.
c) Sound judgement skills.


An Urban Transit operator will not have to


a) Complete incident reports.
b) Complete bus maintenance reports.
c) Complete vehicle reports.


There are usually


a) No jobs for qualified bus operators.
b) Limited jobs for qualified bus operators.
c) Jobs for qualified bus operators.


Intercity bus operators provide


a) Service between cities, towns, and, in some cases, rural areas in between.
b) Service from town to town.
c) Service within city areas.


Written Answer Question.


Answer the following question using at least 200, but no more than 225, words. What aspects of the Professional Bus Operator occupation interest you as a career choice? Why?

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Part 1: On the Urban Transit Route