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What will you learn in this lesson?  Read this to find out what the lesson is about.

Ride along with Kim to find out what it is like to be a bus operator. You will experience a variety of jobs; urban transit, school bus, coach and accessible services.

Read the facts about operating a bus.

Try these activities to test your knowledge.

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  • Course Contents (tab)
    You can access the course content by using the tabs at the top of the page, by using the Content Menu on the left side, or by clicking on the Course Map. Check the 6 sections of the course:

    • Introduction - orient yourself to the course and assess your interest in bus operation.

    • Part 1 - learn about the basics of bus operation through the Urban Transit sector.

    • Part 2 - learn about safety and the basics of customer service as you join the School Bus sector.

    • Part 3 - learn about keeping schedules, professional communication and risk management through the eyes of the Intercity Bus sector.

    • Part 4 - learn about reporting and how to deal with passenger and vehicle emergencies while travelling with a member of the Tour & Charter Bus sector.

    • Part 5 - learn about knowledge and skills that are either unique to Accessible Services or have additional emphasis for effective performance.

    • Summary - use these activities to re-assess your interest in becoming a bus operator.

    The corresponding lessons and activities will be listed in the left menu bar. This course has 19 lessons total. Click through some of the sections and lessons now to get familiar with the layout.

  • Glossary (tab)
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  • Quiz (menu)
    You will be expected to take five quizzes. These are at the end of each section. Each quiz has multiple choice questions and one question that you will be required to write an answer in paragraph form. You will receive the results on your answers to the multiple choice questions as soon as you have finished the quiz. You will not receive any feedback on your paragraph answers, but employers will have access to your answers. Good luck!

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    How many sections are in this course? Each one should take you about 1 hour to finish.

  • Further Training (menu)
    Click here for ideas on getting to find out how to get more training.

  • Resources (menu)
    Want to learn more? Go here.

Get Familiar with the Bus Sectors

Important:  There are 5 sectors in the bus industry. Even though Parts 1,2, 3 & 4 of the program focus on specific sectors, you will find more detailed information on other sectors by placing your mouse over each of the following icons. Don't miss this important information.

Accessible Services Sector

Intercity Bus Sector

School Bus Sector

Tour & Charter Bus Sector

Urban Transit Sector

You will need Acrobat Reader to access some of the pages. Download this software now if you need it.

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