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On the School Bus

How is my customer service?

What will you learn in this lesson?

  1. How to represent the organization using good customer service skills.

Friendly Words

Well here's our first pick-up. Two small children and one teenager. The little ones are close to their Mom and listening to what she is saying. She guides them closer to her as we pull in. As they clamber onto the bus Natasha says "Hi there Mack and Ken!" They smile and say "Hi" back as they yell "Bye" to their Mom. The two of them bounce into a seat together. They catch site of me and say "Who are you?"

As the teenager gets on Natasha says "Hi, Aaron, did you get that homework done?" "Yep" he says with a grin.

When Natasha pulls into the next stop I look at how the safety zone around the stop works. The kids are about 3 metres away from where Natasha brings the bus to a stop. Once she is stopped she opens the door and says, "Okay kids." Then they move toward the bus.

This time 3 teenagers lunge onto the bus. They are noisy and when Natasha says "Hi" they ignore her. But only for a second. Right away they calm down and turn back to call "Good morning." Hum, I think, Natasha knows what she's doing.

It is the same all along the route - Natasha carefully stops the bus and the kids get on. The kids are all different, some little and some big and everything in between. Some are friendly and some are very quiet. Some have lots of equipment to hoist onto the bus and others have armloads of books. One is crying. But Natasha has a few friendly words for each of them.

Once we get to the school Natasha pulls into her designated spot and before she opens the door she calls, "Remember, use your bus manners and watch carefully for traffic. That snow is getting heavier."

Face of the Organization

Professional bus operators are the face of the organization that they work for. As far as the public is concerned the bus driver is the organization. This puts a responsibility on all operators to represent the organization in a good light. How is this done? By using customer service skills. Operators do this by:

  • Wearing the prescribed dress or uniform.
  • Adopting acceptable standards of personal hygiene.
  • Greeting each passenger.
  • Smiling when greeting passengers.
  • Using general courtesy that is friendly but professional.
  • Following company customer service protocols.

School Bus Sector

Accessible Services Sector


Lesson Activities

  1. Using this window write a few sentences about the kind of customer service you want on an urban transit bus.


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