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How does the job size up?

Now is the time to assess how you feel about a career as a bus operator. Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the centre. Print PRO and CON at the top of each column. Look at the list of items below and write each down in the column where it fits for you. Once you have finished, count the number of items in the PRO column. Do you have more than 14? You may want to consider a career as a bus operator. You should be really honest when you do this!

  1. Medium-range pay
  2. Shift work
  3. Union and non-union job
  4. Part-time work
  5. Involves driving
  6. Involves travel
  7. Customer service-based
  8. Work with people
  9. Handle money
  10. Report writing
  11. Good language skills
  12. Work with little supervision
  13. Work with disabled
  14. Record-keeping
  15. Licensing
  16. Requires medical exam
  17. Work with all age ranges
  18. Involves organization skills
  19. Punctuality
  20. Entails lots of responsibility

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