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On the School Bus

Communicating with Finesse

Communication is one of our most powerful tools for success. It is the basis of strong customer relationship skills. Successful bus operators have strong communication skills.

Communication has 3 parts:

  1. The sender - must try to speak the message as it is intended
  2. The message - has 2 components; the verbal message (words, tone of voice) and the non-verbal message (facial expression, gestures, posture, etc.)
  3. The receiver - must try to listen actively

If all of the three components are working together well, then the message will be received accurately and both people will understand the meaning of the message.

Keys principles to remember:

  • Speak with clarity (organize your thoughts and choose the best words that will describe the situation).
  • Listen carefully (listen to what the speaker says, do not interrupt, make eye contact, nod to show that you are listening).
  • Use respect and kindness (never offend, always be ethical, etc.).
  • If you have been misunderstood you may have misunderstood the person you were listening to.
  • Check your non-verbal communication (you need to match your body language to your message. If your words are friendly and your facial expression is not, you will not be believed).


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