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Accessible Services

Anything But Routine

What will you learn in this lesson?

  1. Knowledge and skills that are either unique to Accessible Services or have additional emphasis for effective performance.

Route Planning

Much more than the knowledge and ability to effectively use city and rural road maps is required in the Accessible Services Industry. Service providers, for the most part, operate by picking up prescheduled passengers. However occasionally they are required to pick up passengers "on demand" which requires them to constantly readjust their route.

Assists Passengers to and from Seating

All Accessible Services Bus Operators provide a service to people with special needs. Unlike most other Professional Bus Operators, they pick-up and deliver their passengers from and to their doors. They must be cognizant of the medical conditions of their passengers and their individual abilities.

Manoeuvres Vehicle for Safe Access

The Accessible Services Bus Operators must carefully position the vehicle to ensure safe boarding and exiting of passengers. This is often in the passenger's driveway or parking lot. While most Professional Bus Operators occasionally back-up their vehicles the Accessible Services Bus Operator constantly backs in and out of driveways and parking lots to get as close as possible to the passenger's access point.

Provides Attention to Special Needs

Accessible Services Bus Operators develop a distinct relationship with their passengers. For some passengers the trip to a care centre is the only time they leave their homes.

Because all have some form of lack of mobility and some have serious medical conditions, the Accessible Services Bus Operator must constantly monitor passenger safety and security. They must do this with a great deal of tact and sensitivity to preserve the dignity and independence of their passengers. Accessible Services Bus Operators also have additional responsibilities during emergencies due to the immobility of some of their passengers. Many Accessible Services Bus Operators are required to have First Aid and CPR certifications.



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