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What will you learn in this lesson?

  1. The general requirements for submitting reports.

It's a Team

Once I finished the coach trip with Dave I was ready to join Kelly on a tour. These 2 weeks have been busy for me and I am tired, but a trip to Las Vegas? That I'm ready for. The trip is a 2 day drive, 2 days overnight and a 2 day drive back. Kelly said I could easily fly back if I didn't have time to stay on the whole 5-day trip. But no, I think I'll take the whole trip. That way I'll be able to experience everything about being a tour-bus operator.

This trip starts early. It's 6 a.m. and already Kelly is starting the pre-trip report as he inspects the bus. He then pulls out the logbook and makes an entry about a cracked rear light lens that he has noticed. After one last word with the dispatcher, he says to me, "Well, all aboard - let's go and pick up the passengers. They'll all be waiting I hope."

As soon as we pull in to the pick-up point I see the expectant faces of about 30 people with their luggage stacked beside them.

Kelly jumps down from the bus and says "Here's all my people, ready for a good time?"

"You bet!" comes a chorus - the air is full of excitement and chattering.

Kelly introduces himself and me to each person as he collects tickets and checks passports. The tour guide helps out, giving directions, answering questions and checking off names on a list.

Kelly then goes to organize and load the luggage into the luggage bays of the coach. "I notice we have a few walkers and a couple of oxygen tanks. Where do these tanks go?" I ask. "They go in the cab. Let's leave those 'till last," says Kelly. "And the walkers go in this bin so we can get them out easily."

Once the luggage is properly stowed, and we have all boarded the bus, everyone settles into their seats and a quiet buzz of excited conversation begins to emerge. He hands me the map and suggests that I practice plan the route out of the city and as far as the first coffee stop. He tells me the coordinates of the stop and says he will phone ahead and give them plenty of notice so they can be ready when the coach arrives.

"Great.  Now, let's get this show on the road," says Kelly. And off we go to Las Vegas.

Team Member Reports

Bus operators have legal responsibilities to submit a variety of reports to their team members. These include:

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