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On the School Bus

About School Buses

Safe Boarding and Exiting

Operators must:

  • Check mirrors and use indicators when coming to a stop.
  • Ensure that the stop area is safe.
  • Assess traffic conditions and potential dangers.
  • Activate alternating warning lights and swing-out arm (depending on jurisdiction and location).
  • Make sure students get off at designated stops and cross streets safely.
  • Check that parents or guardians who are to meet students are present or follow school board policy if they are not waiting for pick-up.

The Danger Zone

The danger zone is an area around the bus where students have been instructed not to enter. If they can touch the bus, they are too close to the bus.

The Safety Zone

This is the area where students wait prior to being picked up and a zone where they will go to after unloading. A stop location may have one or two safety zones.

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