Welcome to the online pre-employment education program (PEEP) Step 1 Becoming a Certified Professional Bus Operator

This pre-employment education program (PEEP) will take you on a tour; five days in the life of a professional bus operator...one day for each of the sub-sectors - Urban, School, Intercity, Tour and Charter and Accessible Services

PEEP encompasses job information, quizzes and narrative responses. Each quiz evaluation is immediately available to the user. The program provides you, the candidate, a comprehensive familiarization with the training and job performance requirements of the industry. It also establishes what Industry's expectations of a candidate are and what the candidate's expectations of Industry may be. It is designed to provide sufficient information to facilitate your decision to continue with reasonable confidence of success and career satisfaction or decline to continue the process.

PEEP can be accessed by individuals interested in a career in the bus industry as well as organizations as part of their recruitment process. Sponsor organizations will direct applicants to visit and complete the PEEP program. Results of the various quizzes and questions will be sent back to the sponsor for analysis.

We look forward to your visit where we know you will discover an exciting industry where an opportunity for a career awaits you.

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