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Welcome to the Pre Employment Education Program for Bus Operator candidates. This web based program is presented by the Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada; and is designed to help you decide whether the occupation of Certified Professional Bus Operator is a good choice for you. The program will give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the occupation's education and training expectations, the Tasks and Sub Tasks that all Professional Bus Operators perform on a daily basis, and what the advantages and disadvantages that you may find in this occupation.

The program's technical content is based on the National Occupational Standards for Professional Bus Operators and the Essential Skills Profile for Professional Bus Operators. The accuracy of it's usage, the realism of examples of everyday occurrences Professional Operators experience, and the quizzes and short essays that you will complete to help you decide whether you will apply for employment, have been designed and approved by a team of Professional Bus Operators representing all five sub sectors of the industry. 

The completion of this Pre Employment Education Program is the first of six modules in the Career Pathway Management Program for Certified Professional Bus Operators. Good luck, and we hope this will be your first successful step in a very rewarding career as a Certified Professional Bus Operator.

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